Welcome to this series of interviews with artists who use SuperCollider (SC). SC is an open-source programming language for real-time synthesis and algorithmic composition. This site will feature interviews with artists who use this software in an effort to showcase how the software is being used across the world.

Who am I?

My name is Carl Testa. I am a composer and musician and I have been actively using SC for almost 10 years. My album Iris from 2013 uses SC for the live electronic processing of my bass.

Photo of Carl Testa by Rob Miller

Why I use SC

I use SC to create electronic music, electroacoustic music, performance interfaces, and to control lighting equipment. I find it to be a powerful program with a supportive community and I am always learning new ways to use it.

SC on Startup on Mac

Why this website?

I started this website so that users who are coming to the program for the first time will have the chance to see how artists around the world are using the software to help them create their work. Hopefully experienced users will enjoy reading about artists' own unique experiences with the software. I also hope that this site will become a valuable resource to the SC community.

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